R Street Master Plan

The R Street Master Plan was adopted in December of 1996. The Plan sets goals and the vision for land uses within the Corridor. Additionally, the R Street plan provides policy for the corridor’s public infrastructure, circulation, historic preservation, open space, and other areas related to redevelopment. Overall, the master plan envisions R Street as a new mixed use, transit oriented neighborhood that is both sensitive to the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods and districts of the Central City.

The R Street Corridor Master Plan Goals:

1. Reinforce the CBD as the City’s Regional Employment Center

2. Create New Mixed Use Neighborhoods

3. Use Transit Stations in the Corridor to Focus Development

4. Provide a Mix of Uses to Support an Extended Hour Central City

5. Establish Design Guidelines and Development Standards to Manage the Intensity of Uses Within the Corridor

6. Promote the Preservation of Historic Structures within the Corridor

7. Enhance Neighborhood Livability Through Provision of Open Space and Other Neighborhood Facilities

8. Provide Sufficient Open Space to Serve Future Residents and Employees of the R Street Corridor.

9. Provide Adequate School Facilities to Serve Future Residents of the R Street Corridor and the Central City

10. Designate R Street a Local, Pedestrian Street

11. Promote Multiple Modes of Circulation Through the Adoption of New R Street Cross Sections.

12. Provide the Necessary Utility Improvements for R Street Corridor in the Most Economical Manner Possible.

13. Provide Economic Incentives for Housing Development


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