Water and Combined Sewer System Improvments

In June, 2006 the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities completed an upgrade to the water system and combined sanitary sewer system storage capacity along R Street between 10th and 13th Streets.

The combined sewer system portion of this public improvement project increased storage capacity to mitigate the additional sewer flows generated from the anticipated development within the R Street Corridor.  The improvements included:

  • 400 feet of a 24-inch combined sewer main in 11th Street between R Street and S Street,
  • 385 feet of a 54-inch combined sewer main in 12th Street between R Street and Street,
  • 800 feet of 36 inch combined sewer main in R Street between 11th Street and 13th Street,
  • Associated manholes and drain inlets.

The water main portion of the project  the installation of a  new 12-inch water main, 6 fire hydrants with 8-inch leads, and associated valves and fittings.  The water main was placed in R Street between 10th Street and 13th Street and in 13th Street between R Street and the R/S Alley.