R Street Phase I Improvements Project

 10th Street to 13th Street

The R Street Archway


The R Street Streetscape Improvements Project, 10th to 13th Street is the first phase in a series of streetscape projects for the R Street Corridor.  The improvements project reconstructed the R Street public right-of-way enhancing the vehicular and pedestrian environment in anticipation of redevelopment within the three block area.  The project was joint effort between the City of Sacramento and the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA).


The project’s design was based on the R Street Urban Design Guidelines for 10th to 18th Streets which was approved by City Council in 2006..  The design goal was to keep R Street’s past and current industrial warehouse spirit while providing the necessary amenities and accessibility for the corridor’s future.

The basic design features include:

  • New pedestrian walkways with 4 inch curbs
  • New concrete roadway surfaces
  • Designated on-street parking, including current perpendicular parking
  • Safe corners and crosswalks
  • Pedestrian-style street lighting
  • Preservation of historic elements (e.g., rail line)
  • New drainage system
  • ADA-compliant accessibility

Additional streetscape features include:

  • Decortive streetlight poles
  • Sidewalk plaques reflecting the area’s history
  • Banners attached to the streetlight poles
  • Artistic bike racks and art pieces
  • Benches
  • A pedestrian archway leading to the 13th Street Light Rail Station
  • Two decorative columns marking one end of the historic district
  • An archway spanning R Street at 10th Street marking the other end of the historic district.

In the July 2006, the City, through a formal selection process, hired a consultant team lead by Mark Thomas and Company (MTC) to complete the project’s design and obtain the necessary state (CEQA) and federal (NEPA) environmental approvals to begin construction.  Final Design was completed in January 2010 and formal construction bids were requested later that summer.   Tiechert Construction, the lowest responsive bidder, started construction in September 2010.  The construction was completed in January 2010.


Funding Sources 

Federal Transportation Funding:                                            $1,488,000

CADA Tax Increment and R Street Bond Proceeds:         $1,482,000

City of Sacramento CIP:                                                              $  955,000

SACOG Community Design Grant:                                        $4,665,000

Total: $8,593,000

Project Funding Uses

Design Budget:                                                                             $1,200,000

Construction Budget                                                                   $7,093,000   (management and contingency included)

Project Team

City Project Manager: Zuhair Amawi, Associate Civil Engineer, Project Manager ▪ 916-808-7620 ▪ zamawi@cityofsacramento.org

CADA Project Manager:  Todd Leon, R Street Development Manager ▪ 916-323-1272 ▪ Cell 916-508-4272 ▪ Email:  tleon@cadanet.org

Design Concept:  Moore, Icafano, Goltsman Inc.

The Engineering Design Team:

Engineering and Project Team Leander: Mark Thomas & Company

Environmental Study: PAR Environmental Services

Landscape Architect:  Brent Thrams from Acanthus Studio

Lighting Design:  Y and C Transportation Consultants

Geotechnical:  Blackburn Consulting

Community Outreach: The Hoyt Company now HDR.

Construction Contractor:  Teichert Construction