Public Infrastructure Improvements

A key to the development and redevelopment of the R Street Corridor is the improvement of the public infrastructure which  is needed support  future growth. When rail service down R Street ended in the early 1980’s the roadway conditions of the corridor were extremely poor and in some cases were never improved.   Development of a handful of office buildings added some improvements to the area but the vast majority of the corridor was ill prepared to support mixed-used residential development.     Drainage, lighting, roadways, sidewalks, and pedestrian amenities are all needed in order for R Street to take the next step to realizing the plan’s vision.

Funding R Street public infrastructure improvements has been the greatest challenge thus far.   The City of Sacramento and CADA have been successful for obtaing funding for a  small number projects. Listed below are the public infrastructure projects that have been completed or currently in process.

Water Line and Combined Sewer System Upgrade – 2006

1400 Block – Sidewalk and Water Line Improvements – 2009

13th and 16th Street Light Rail Station Improvements – 2010

Phase I Streetscape Improvements (10th to 13th Streets) 2012

Phase II Streetscape Improvements (16th to 18th Streets) – Completion in 2015

Phase III Streetscape Improvements (13th to 16th Streets) – Under design